Our Services

Rooftop Systems Engineers are at the forefront of delivering quality service that will outshine the expectations of our valued clients. In this regard, we offer a number of well thought out services that are a perfect fit to the needs of our clients. These services include (but are not limited to) the following:

Car Rooftops

We customize rooftops for our clients’ automobiles. Whether it is your personal official car or that luxury off-road beast that you drive during weekends and exciting escapades, we have different solutions that you may choose from. The designs and styles vary from one client to the other, need after need. Here you will find a guide to some of the rooftop designs you might choose from.

Automotive Painting

Different people have different tastes when it comes to colors they may want their automobiles to have. Most of these colors go with the clients’ respective favorite ones. A client may have bought a blue colored car but would like to have a blend of colors for the same car, or even repaint it with a different color all together. That is where Rooftop Systems Engineers come in.

Also, if you need any sort of art that fits your requirement, we have a premium service that enables a client’s automobile to have a completely artistic look of their choice.

Car Shades

Research has shown that vehicles that are parked in direct conduct with extreme weather conditions suffer rapidly to wear and tear as compared to those that are protected from say direct sunlight or rain. At Rooftop Systems Engineers, we focus on ensuring the longevity of our clients’ automobiles by providing car shade services.

Erecting of Carwashes

In addition to Car Shades that keep automobiles in great condition, we appreciate the need to have the automobiles spackling clean at all times. In that regard, we work with clients across all sectors and facilitate the erection of car wash centers and provide tents from which this can be done.

Automobile Upholstery and Repair

We listen to our clients and perform world class upholstery on their automobiles. We have had positive reviews from our clients, some who are in for a completely new interior look and few others who come for basic repairs of their automobiles’ interior.

There are hundreds of designs that our clients can choose from. Whether it is cushion crafting, repair of damaged dashboards or trunk lining, at Rooftop System Engineers, we meet you at your point of need.

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