10 Tips to Help You Get Better in Car Upholstery

Car upholstery is perhaps one of the most overlooked section in the automobile industry. Car Upholstery involved mainly the customization of the car’s interior to give it a non-stock look. This could be for various reasons:

It could be the owner wants to customize the car to make its appearance different or simply to repair it having been spoiled as a result of say an accident or dilapidation. As a player in this sub sector, on has to be on top of their game if they are to get the best out of it and below are some tips on how this could be effectively realized.

Have the Client in Mind

  • Whatever one does, at the back of their mind, never should they take leave of the fact that upholstery is being done for the client. A good service provider is one who listens to the specific needs of the client and follows the instructions (given about the final product) to the very latter.
  • Granted, the upholsterer is the professional, with an expert opinion on how this is to be done. However, they should be open to viewing the need from the client’s perspective and find a way in which their expertise will marry into the desire of the client.

Maintain the Look and Feel of the Car

The main reason behind upholstery is largely aesthetic, at least in most cases. However, while the intention is to make it better looking to the visual mind, the upholsterer should always ensure that at the end of it all, the automobile can still be recognized from a distance.

Upholstery is not meant to make the automobile different from the one that is taken for the makeover. Picture it this way, when one walks to a barber shop for a haircut, the goal is never to change who they are but to simply enhance their look. The same analogy could be incorporated into upholstery whenever it is done on an automobile.

Ask Yourself these Questions

There are some crucial questions that an upholsterer should keep at the back of their mind while working on any type of auto machine. These are simple guides that will offer important insights into the best approach to be employed and the walk from concept into the desired outcome.

It could be any question related to the type of design that is desired, the car to be worked on, the client in question, the materials to be used, the time frame within which the outcome is expected among other things.

Mind the Tools You Use in Upholstery

They say for every trade, there’s a tool to be used for an effective product to be achieved. How true! The same applies to upholstery. It is advisable that the upholsterer does not go “too manual” such that, at the end of it all, the car looks good visually yet mechanically rickety as a result of knocking and hammering with undesired tools during upholstery.

The goal is to maintain the mechanical status of the automobile even as one works on the interior visuals to make it look better and personalized, not to make it worse in terms of lifespan at the end of it all.

The Purpose the Automobile Serves

This is where it is vital to speak with the client and clearly understand the automobile before making a decisive move on the type of design to be used and the expected final look. The reason for this is because different upholstery services serve different purposes.

A case in point would be the difference between a luxury automobile and say, a family car. Clearly the kind of upholstery in terms of design that would be applied to these two automobiles will inevitably be different. The same applies for any other scenario of this nature.

The Reason behind the Upholstery

The larger question is, what is the main reason towards the upholstery? As already indicated, this could be as a result of wear and tear, an accident, or simply to customize the automobile. Obviously, the reason behind this kind of activity will be a big determinant of how the whole thing is to be approached.

For instance, if the automobile was involved in an accident and the dashboard messed up together with air bags, the kind of upholstery performed would mostly be of repair in nature. At the end of the day, it is highly likely that the look and feel of the automobile might remain the same.

However, if the goal is to do an overhaul and come up with a new custom look, chances are that at the end of the day, the upholstery will make the automobile totally different.

Do More Upholstery

They say practice makes perfect. The same adage applies in upholstery. To be a good upholsterer, one has to be in constant practice. Work with different clients while taking on different designs. Move from the simplest steadily all the way to the not so easy to crack. Before you know it, you will be a force to reckon with and one of the most sought after names in this business.

Compare Notes

Collaboration that fosters positive cooperation has never been harmful. As a matter of fact, it is vital in spurring creativity and improving the quality of the final product. A good upholsterer is one who is not only able to identify his peers within the industry, but they are able to be ready and willing to share knowledge and valuable information on the best practices that will improve the quality of their work.

You do not have to be haphazard in the way you go about collaborating. Take your time and identify people with whom you can easily get along and share ideas freely. If this is done in a systematic and well thought out manner, the end will be an inevitable outcome of nothing but quality and creativity.

Try Different Designs

This is almost natural. This is because, different automobiles have different designs that would look good on them. The same can be said about different clients. They have different needs. As such, the upholsterer should be able to engage their creative mind and come up with designs that will perfectly fit the clients’ needs; designs that will give an appealing visual look to an automobile.

Understand the Business

One needs to understand the terrain of the industry of the business they operate. This could be in terms of trends and market demands, technological bearing, client needs, related products and services among other vital pieces of information.

In the upholstery sub sector, the same applies. One has to understand the specific needs of the industry, its business aspect as well as the technical requirements as they keep changing from time to time. Understanding the business comes in handy in ensuring that the expectations of the stakeholders are met at any given point in time with relative ease.

All You Need To Know About Luxury Cars

There are people who are so passionate about elegance and style when it comes to cars. They will stop at nothing when it comes to being at the forefront of matters cars, more so luxury ones.

This sometimes is passion and in other ways, it stems from growing interest. Would you be interested in knowing a thing or two about luxury cars that you can hire from companies like ApexLuxuryCarHire.com? Here are some pointers:

They are made for Luxury

They are called Luxury cars for a reason. They are for luxury. You may have seen someone in a simple yet stylish and elegant car carpooling with a bunch of friends for an out town trip. Now that is wrong, at least as far as luxury cars are concerned.

These are made for luxury and light tasks, such as taking one’s girlfriend and such like stuff. If you are not doing that, then you should know you are not a luxury car kind of person.

The More Stylish, the Better

If one is careful enough, they may realize that when it comes to luxury cars, they naturally come with a sense of style and elegance. One after the other, there is always something that is unique about each of them.

One could be tempted to think they subconsciously engage in some sort of competition to determine who outshines the other but then again, that is why they are luxury cars. Style and elegance are their other names.

They are Relatively Expensive

By comparison, especially to regular cars you encounter on a daily basis, luxury cars, aside from being stylish and elegant are very expensive both in cost and maintenance as well as fuel consumption.

They are often looked at as cars for people who have reached a certain level in life and if your pockets are not deep enough to handle it, then you are not the guy for luxury cars.

Mind the Road Surface on which they ply

Luxury cars are very choosy of the kind of surface on which they move. By this I mean the road, especially in hot places like the desert, a fun place for a professional Bentley hire in Dubai. You may have never seen an elegant car on a rough bumpy road.

There is a reason for that. Since they are about style, it comes as a full package. Interior, exterior and peripherals as well as the roads on which they step. So it is highly recommended that before you opt for one, ask yourself if there is a matching surface on which they will be moving.

7 Elements Customers Want in a Car Roof

When it comes to open car roofs or simply sun roofs, there is difference in style and taste and this varies from one luxury car owner to another. However, regardless of the type of roof preferred, there are some pointers that make it easy for clients to opt for a sun roofed car. Here are some of them:


How easy is it to play around with the car roof? Can it be expanded and closed with ease? Can it be adjusted to fit a required expansion? It manual or automatic?  These are some of the questions that car owners ask when they opt to go for an automobile with an adjustable sunroof. On this site, you can read more about features of a good sunroof on a luxury car.


You do not want to go for a car that has a sun roof just for the sake of it. One has to consider the main reason behind picking on this type of car. Could be for sunbathing on his way to a short trip, or sightseeing while on a journey.
Whatever the reason may be, one has to be clear so that the relevant sun roofed car is selected to begin with. This is because some roofs are transparent while others are not and it is important the purpose of the roof is determined so that the one made of the appropriate material is selected.


As already indicated, the primary reason behind luxury cars is style and elegance. This extends to all its parts and a sun roof is one of those. They say you go hard or go home. Since the car is expensive, one has to go for the one that has value for their money.

A stylish sunroof complements the elegance and makes the car classy and stylish. One would naturally opt to select the roof whose style is in consonance with the car chosen.


Another important pointer to look out for when selecting a sunroof is its ability to be maintained when it starts wearing out. As it may be already known, a car is one asset that depreciates with time. No matter how elegant and stylish an automobile might be, time always overtakes it and it depreciates with each and every use.

A sun roof is one of those car parts that also depreciate after constant use. In selecting a car with a sunroof, it is important for one to ask themselves if the sunroof can be maintained and repaired easily and using the locally available replacements. An honest and appropriate answer to this question informs the decision making when it comes to the choice of the car to go for.


  • This is closely related to the automobile itself and also to the manner in which the automobile is handled during use. However, for a sunroof, since it is one of those car parts which is used on a regular basis, perhaps with every trip however small provided that it is not rainy, it has to be durable to effectively serve its purpose.

You wouldn’t want a situation where a sunroof wears out faster than any other part of the automobile. It is therefore advisable that expert opinion is sought on how this could be approached so that a quality car with a matching roof type is selected.

8 Things you didn’t know about Car Shades

Car shades could be looked at as car accessories that play a very vital part in the life span of any automobile. They have a significant effect on the length of time in which a selected automobile can serve the owner. These structures are good at protecting an automobile from a harsh whether condition hence expanding its longevity.

They are Cheap

Car Shades come at a very reasonable price. This is in addition to being stylish and in different sizes. These important components for car owners are important especially in public parking spaces.

Instead of leaving automobiles on their own in very harsh climatic conditions such as heavy rains or scotching sunlight, on could part with a little amount of money and secure the services of a car shade.

Good thing is, they could be customized to meet the client’s needs and all one needs to do is walk to a car shade dealer and explain their need. This depends on the size and type of car in question as well as the type and size of the car shade.

They are Durable

A good thing about car shades is that, they are durable. There are those that will suffice with little or no maintenance at all for a period of over 10 years. Remember, this is the same shade purchased at a relatively cheap price as already discussed.

They are quite good at serving their purpose and easily moved as desired by the car owner.

They Protect Cars against Wear and Tear

This is the main reason as to why one would go purchasing a car shade. For those people who are passionate about their automobiles and would stop at nothing in ensuring they are well maintained, one way they go about it is by investing in a car shade.

Cash shades protect automobiles against harsh weather such as heavy rainfall and hot sunlight that would have otherwise had an overall adverse effect not only on the look and feel of the car but its lifespan also. This makes it possible for the automobile to serve the owner for a longer period of time and the money that would have been used either in repairs or purchase of a new one could find some other useful purpose.

They are Easy to Maintain

Car Shades are extremely easy to maintain. Such simple exercises as sprinkling water on the roof to remove dust and removing cobwebs with a broom or twig or even shaking off tree leaves from the car shade are all one needs to keep it purposeful.

These and may be constant checking to ensure the pillars on which the car shade is supported are strong and steady are some of the simplest ways in which the car shades can be maintained.

They are One-off Purchases

Unlike other vehicular accessories which require constant purchasing and replacement or maintenance, car shades are one off purchases. In other words, they have value for money in that, once they are purchased, they serve their purpose for an extended period of time before thinking of replacing them or even disposing them.

The Seller Transports and Sets them Up

All a buyer needs is to walk to a car shade dealer and identify the car shade of their choice. The rest of the contract is handled by the seller. Everything from transportation and its initial setup is catered for by the seller. All a buyer does is point to the spot where the car shade is to be erected, then they may as well sit down and sip a cup of coffee as they back instructions or give opinion on how the rest of the process can be handled.

They are made for All Weather

Car shades are all weather in nature. They are expertly designed to house automobiles in all types of weather conditions. This makes them very reliable and extremely useful, especially in the tropics where the climatic conditions in most places change from time to time, throughout the year.

An automobile owner can rest assured that their car is under safe custody and they need not worry about the dangers caused by harsh weather and their related effect on the condition of the car.

They are Movable

Occasionally, a car shade owner may wish to move it from one area within the same business or domestic premises to another.  The reason (s) for may vary from one person to another. Car shades are carefully designed with this mind; to make it easy for the car owner when the need to relocate arises.

4 Ideas Useful in Car Painting

Car painting is one of the maintenance activities that vehicle owners perform from time to time. Picture a vehicle that may have brushed on another in traffic, or brushed itself on a wall, barrier or a tree. Obviously, the car would lose some paint.

There are very many but this is one of the scenarios that call for a car to be maintained by way of painting. It is recommended that whenever such a need arises, one should contact an expert to do the painting for them. Below are some ideas car painters can use in doing such a task:

Keep It Simple

A paint job is definitely not a doodling session or a graffiti art. This is to say, when painting an automobile, the painter has to choose the color they would like to work with, one that in consonance with the interior and exterior parts of the car and apply it in a simple and systematic manner.

At the end of the paint job, the automobile should not look like the biblical coat of many colors, to say the least.


Do Not Compromise on Style

In situations where a combination of color schemes is required, even so, in a well thought out manner, the key is in ensuring that the final outlook does not compromise on the style of the vehicle that is being worked on.

Mind the Fittings

It is important to take other automobile fittings into consideration when performing a paint job. You do not want a situation where there will be spillage on rims, headlights and related accessories.


Be Reasonable in Pricing

Clients should not at any given time feel like they are being exploited. Whatever the painter does, they should always have the client’s interests at heart. It is one thing to do a good job and expect to make a profit from it, while it is totally another different thing to overprice the service so that the end result is clients “running away”

This article provides valuable insight into how painting regularly can protect the car from wear and tear.

Luxury Car Industry: What to Learn from Competitors

Competition is any market is very important. It encourages creativity in terms of crafting products and services that will add value to the needs of the clients. In the luxury car industry, there is a lot competitors can learn from each other all in an effort to provide the best there is to their valued clients. Have a look at how a luxury car dealer can learn from competitors below.

Customer Retention

Making new customers is hard, retaining them is harder. A good luxury car dealer is one who is able to build their customer base steadily. This is quite simply as a result of provision of quality service and variety in terms of products offered.

By looking at what a competitor us doing to retain their customer base, a luxury car dealer will be able to incorporate the same strategy in their business and reap the benefits that come with it.

Quality Service

Sometimes, provision of quality service to clients can be evasive. It is therefore important for a luxury car dealer to clearly understand the market in which they operate and by so doing, they will be able to craft services the solve problems.

Creativity and Variety in Service

By looking at how a competitor is packaging a product or service, a luxury car dealer can be in a vantage position to ascertain what the market really needs and be able to creatively craft products and services that will adequately meet the client’s desires.

Feedback from Clients

Reviews and constant feedback is important in any sort of business. This is vital for a business to know if they are meeting their objectives. A business is primarily existent on the premise of its clients’ satisfaction. Positive reviews about a business competitor could be used to improve on weaker areas by a luxury car dealer as they seek to enjoy a larger chunk of the market share.

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